Top 5 Causes of Yellow Teeth

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Why Do Teeth Yellow?

Let's begin by understanding why teeth begin to appear yellow. Your teeth have a layer of enamel which at its thickest, naturally looks white. When it is worn down, it becomes translucent and the layer underneath called dentin begins to show through. 

Dentin has a natural yellow tone. When your enamel becomes thinner, this will show through more and your teeth will begin to appear more yellow. Many food and drinks don't stain your teeth but actually cut away at your enamel, revealing the dentin.

1: Your Genes

Everyone in your family will tend to have similar teeth. Your genes can sometimes influence how thick different layers of your teeth are. If your genes cause you to have a thicker dentin layer or thinner layer of enamel it can give your teeth a yellow appearance. 

2: Food and Drinks

When you consume food or drinks with high levels of tanning such as coffee, tea, wine, or dark foods like blueberries or curry spices you can stain your teeth. There is also food and drinks that can be acidic such as tomato sauces or soft drinks. These acidic food and drinks can wear away at your enamel over time if you don't regularly clean your teeth.

3: Poor Hygiene 

Not cleaning your teeth or improperly cleaning your teeth can cause discoloration. When you're not regularly brushing and keeping your teeth clean you allow acid to build up and tear away at your enamel. This also happens when you eat and don't swish water in your mouth, you let residue stay on your teeth longer.

4: Lifestyle

The number one cause for yellow teeth is your lifestyle. This includes food, your hygiene and the use of tobacco. When you smoke, the nicotine leaves behind a yellowish or brownish stain on the surface of your teeth. A great reason to stop.

5: Age

There are many things that come with age, and yellowing teeth is one of them. This is a natural part of the aging process. As you age, the enamel on your teeth wears away. This is one thing you can't prevent, but there are still many things in your control to keep your teeth shining bright.

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