Ionic-Breeze™ Hair Brush

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Having a bad hair day with unmanageable, frizzy, and static hair? It's time to balance out your hair ions with the Ionic-Breeze Hair Brush. Constant brushing and towel-drying strip away negative ions from your hair, causing frizz and dryness... and thats why this brush can save your hair!


What it can do for you:

The Ionic-Breeze Hair Brush emits negative ions into your hair to restore the balance of ions, removing static electricity making your hair shiny, smooth, frizz-free, and manageable. 

.How it works:
The negative ions are activated by heat, which is why Ionic-Breeze is powered by electricity. Hair friendly technology protects the health of your hair while giving you a beautiful silky smooth result! It's time for luscious, silky, and flowing hair.


How to use:

  1. Insert 1 x AAA Battery (not included)
  2. Set switch to the "ON" position
  3. Activated Ions will take the frizz and static out of your hair
  4. when finished set "OFF", brush will automatically turn off after a few minutes.



Domestic U.S. order take 4-7 business days. International orders may take an extra 1-2 weeks.