Inflatable Neck Support Brace

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Inflatable Neck Support Brace

  • FAST, Proven & Effective Neck,Shoulder & Back Pain Therapy Without The Need For Surgery.
  • SOFT, Adjustable Neck Support - Alter it To Fit Your Neck Perfectly
  • Dramatically Corrects Posture, Helps Debilitating Neck & Back Pain
  • Lightweight and Portable, Ideal For Travel & Work
  • Feel Healthy and Mobile QUICKLY & Naturally

Instructions for use: (detailed instructions come with the device)

  1. Place the device around neck.
  2. Adjust the Velcro straps to fit your neck.
  3. Using the easy hand pump, inflate the brace pillow till your neck sits comfortably.
  4. Use it while at home, at work (great for sitting at the computer!) or travelling.
  5. To deflate, after the treatment, press the safety ball up into the raised cavity which allows the device to deflate, then remove the device.

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